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Introduction of Chinese language
Spoken by over one billion people Chinese is indeed the greatest language in the world. But rather than one language China has many “ languages” or “dialects” that are based on the same written language, hence differing primarily in pronunciation and speech. With seven major language groups the Chinese languages are strongly associated with individual dialects and different geographical locations. What is spoken in the North may not be easily understood in the South.

Why Learning Chinese is a Smart Business/Career Move
Like most Westerners, just a few years ago you might not have been thinking very much about China. However, these days China is all over the news. You, like more and more people, may be wondering, ¡°Should I be learning Chinese?¡± The answer is a resounding "Yes". The following are the top 10 reasons why learning Chinese is a smart business move for the young professional or career-minded person.

Is Chinese Really So Hard to Learn as a Second Language?
Many foreign friends of mine are complaining to me that Chinese is so hard to learn: the ridiculously difficult writing system, the confusing four tones, the extensive system of measure words, so a lot of things to memorize…

A brief history and classification of Chinese characters
Chinese characters are the writing system to record the Chinese language. With a history as long as 8,000 years at least, it's perhaps the oldest surviving writing system in the world.


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