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Chinese Dresses Qipao(Cheongsam)
Qipao is an elegant type of Chinese dress. It combines the elaborate elegance of Chinese tradition with unique elements of style.

Introduction of Chinese Clothing
The Chinese style of Clothing has a long history going back several thousand years. According to legend, Leizu(嫘祖), the wife of Huang-Di(黃帝), started raising silkworms in captivity and invented a way to produce silk cloth. Huang-Di designed a beautiful type of clothing with the silk cloth. This style of clothing became the national garments of Huaxia(華夏). The garments became known as Chinese Clothing.

"Magpie Dress" in Yunnan
In the Yunnan local dialect, a small intermontane plain is called a bazi. Baofengba in Puning County is a village inhabited by the Hans. When I saw Luo Meiying, the township leader, she wore a typical peasant dress: a black cloth scarf wrapped apron on her head, a white tight jacket covered with a black lace vest, an embroidered apron around her waist, blue pants and embroidered cotton shoes. Sensing my curiosity, she told me that it was called a magpie dress because the black head and body and white wings.

Chinese Cheongsam (QIPAO)
The cheongsam is a female dress with distinctive Chinese features and enjoys a growing popularity in the international world of high fashion.

Chinese Dress Adornments
Food, clothing, shelter and tranportation are usually regarded the four most basic neccessities of life by Chinese people.

Colours and Clothing
In Chinese culture there are three central colours: red, black and white.

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