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Prospect of China's future economy growth
China will become the world's safest and largest investment economy in times to come given the following factors: huge market potential, rich labour resources, comparative advantage in labour cost, sound corporate governance and stable government and society. All these factors will further attract the inflow of foreign capital into China. In short, China's economy will grow even faster in the future.

China's Economy
China's economy held the line on growth in 1999, mainly with government assistance, as the economy continues to suffer from the effects of massive, and accelerating, restructuring. The coming year could see some improvement, though the economy is likely to remain under stress as the restructuring intensifies over the next three to five years.

9.1% Surge Epitomizes Sound Growth of Chinese Economy(2004-01-21)
Li Deshui, head of the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), said in Beijing Tuesday that China had overcome the impact of the Asian financial crisis thanks to the substantial measures it had taken to fight both inflation and deflation over the past decade.

Lhasa Economy
The natural condition of Lhasa is great. Agriculture and husbandry are developed. Mainly, people plant highland barley, winter wheat and rape in Lhasa. The resources of water conservancy, ground heat, solar energy and mine are abundant. Yangbajing ground heat is listed as the major experiment by our country.

Guilin Economy
Tourism and agriculture constitute the mainstay of Guilin's economy. The ground of Guilin mainly is red soil. It is good for planting crops in arid land and growing fruits and trees. The suburbs are sandy soil and paddy fields. And it is good for growing vegetables and grains.

Fuzhou Economy
The mineral resources are abundant. Among them, the reserve of Yela Stone is in the first place in China. The resources of forests, aquatic products and electron are abundant too. Fuzhou is the important industrial base in Fujian Province. The output value here can occupy 1/5 of the total output. Manufactured products include chemicals, silk and cotton textiles, iron and steel, and processed food.

Shanghai Economy
Shanghai is the biggest port in China and it is a center of technique, trade, finance, information and culture. And also it is one of the biggest cities in the world and a famous international port.

Chongqing Economy
Chongqing is the municipality under central authority with the largest population and the biggest administrative area.

Hangzhou Economy
Hangzhou is not only the famous tourist place, but also an industrial city with complete kinds and major in light industry.

Shenyang Economy
Shenyang is the industrial base with complete kinds. And among them, the machinery industry is the main part.

Wuhan Economy
Wuhan has been the trade and commodity center in China. It is called the cross of nine provinces. It is also one of the earliest cities that can develop industries. Now, Wuhan has been formed as a comprehensive industry base with complete kinds. Mainly, there is metallurgy, machinery, textile and food. And also, light industry, chemistry, electron and building materials are in the certain level.

Beijing Economy
Beijing, China's economic center, fulfilled a GNP of 217 billion yuan in 1999, which is a growth of 10 percent over last year. Its financial revenue grew 22.8 percent, higher than the average percentage increases.

Tianjin Economy
Tianjin is the important heavy industrial city in China's coast. It is also the modern industrial base that has strong basis and complete kinds.

Guangzhou Economy
The natural conditions in Guangzhou are advantage and the products' resources are abundant. The main grain crop is paddy rice, and also there is maize, wheat, sweet potatoes and so on. Guangzhou is also a synthetic industrial city.

Kunming Economy
The mineral resources and the reserves in Kunming are abundant. Mainly, there is P, iron, coal, salt, quartz sand, Si-alga and so on. Among them, P mine is the most famous one, the total reserves are 4.6 billion tons.

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