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Analysis of Chinese Clothing Consumption Market
Following 30 years of economic reforms, China has achieved remarkable success in economic development. Now few economists and marketers doubt that China will evolve into a nation of spenders. Along with the rising of income level, the purchasing power of Chinese consumers has been increasing rapidly. Clothing expenditures have also been growing fast.

Multinational Companies Adjust Strategies to China
Once upon a time, multinational companies were very sober-minded about investing in China. Of the large German and Japanese companies, originally only Volkswagen and the Sanyo invested in Shanghai, Changchun and Shenzhen on a significant scale. When recalling the days of studying China's investment climate in 1981, Dr. Karl Harn, a magnate in the German auto industry, said, "For most multinational companies at that time, China was still a mysterious, shy girl".

Super-store Market Report
The chain supermarket boom started in the early 1990s in China and developed at an annual increase rate of 70%. The development of chain supermarket industry is especially fast in those well-developed areas such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. By the end of 2000, the sales volume of chain supermarkets all over China amounted to 7% of the total turnover of the whole country. The operational income of some supermarkets has surpassed that of some top department stores and became the flagship in the retail industry. The outstanding performance of chain supermarkets has attracted the most attention in the last ten years.

China Automobile Market Study
Automobile industry is one of the pillar industries that the Chinese government aims to develop in future. Chinese automobile manufacturers produced 2,069,069 vehicles of all types and sold 2,088,626 units in 2000. The sales volume increased by 256,156 units, or 14.01% up and the production volume rose by 13.07% from 1999. The year of 2000 experienced the highest growth rate in terms of both production and sales in the past five years.

Western Region Development
China's western region includes 10 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions: Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjing, Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou, and Xizang. The region covers 5.38 million square kilometers, 56% of the country land area, and has a population of 287 million people, 22.99% of the national total.

Tariff cut to boost foreign trade
China says it will cut the import tariffs to an average of 12 per cent in 2002 from the current 15.3 per cent to fulfill its World Trade Organization (WTO) commitments.

Economical Cars to Lead China's Auto Market
The advantages of economical cars as their low price, small body, low petrol consumption, durability, easy of running, low repair rate and lack of luxuries, and for all this, they will lead China's future auto market.

The reform of China's railways goes with the world tide
Since World War II, the governments of all countries in the world except the U.S.A. have introduced a state-owned management system on their railways. Finally, highway and air transport began growing rapidly between 1970 and 1994. The total volume of goods across Europe grew by 70%, but the freight volume carried by the railways shrank by 22% at the same time. The European Union has reached the conclusion that the management system adopted by the state on its railways has led to the decline of the railways.

Chinese Economy on Fast Track
The size of the Chinese economy is likely to climb, in world rankings, from its current position as the sixth largest to the second largest by 2030, said economists with global investment bank Lehman Brothers.

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