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Guide to franchising in China
China represents a tremendous opportunity for international franchise operations. Although there are numerous challenges and complexities in establishment and operations, the recent legal changes have largely liberalized the franchising market for foreign investors. In combination with the current rates of economic growth, the timing is ideal for foreign franchisors to explore opportunities in the Chinese market.

Establishing Foreign Investment
The major difference between an EJV and a CJV is that the investment of foreign investors in the latter does not need to be converted into shares or even if the investment is converted into shares, the distribution of profit, the bearing of risk, the sharing of liability and the assignment of property do not need to be decided on the basis of the shares of investors. Moreover, investment payback ways and administration in a CJV is more flexible.

China Investment Environment
For foreign investors, many problems exist in the Chinese investment environment. However, the government is making efforts to address these problems in order to encourage more foreign investment.

Taxation in China
The major tax categories applicable to FIEs can be divided into 2 groups according to their respective levying authorities.

Shanghai Seeks Overseas Investment for Riverside Development
Shanghai, the biggest industrial and business center in China, will open up a comprehensive riverfront development program to influential overseas developers.

Zhejiang: Foreign Investment Doubles in January
Zhejiang Province in east China attracted US$585 million foreign investment in January, up nearly 100 percent compared to the same month last year.

More Foreign Investment Expected in Shenzhen
Shenzhen, one of China's five special economic zones, is expected to absorb US$4 billion of overseas investment this year, 11 percent more than last year.

High-tech Industry in China's Minority Areas Attracts Venture Capital
With the dive of NASDAQ still unsettling the global economy, far-sighted venture capital investors have been looking at the high-tech industry developed by China's ethnic groups.

Education to Open Wider to Foreign Investment
Chinese educational sector will open wider, as economic, scientific and educational sectors join international competition with China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), a top education official said.

Seven Obstructive Attitudes in the Introduction of Foreign Investment
The introduction of foreign investment in China has gone through three periods since the 1970's.

Xiamen Investment Guide
Xiamen city is one of China's first four Special Economic Zones, and has been granted the right to manage its own economic affairs while offering preferential investment policies to foreign enterprises. Since the full opening of the zone in 1984, all aspects of Xiamen's society -- it's economy, educational and scientific institutions -- have developed rapidly. Today, Xiamen is a special window city for contact between China and the rest of the world, easily accessible, thriving, and full of potential.

Nanjing Investment Guide
Nanjing has a history of over 2400 years, and is one of the six ancient capitals of China, reputed as the capital of ten dynasties, and known for its rich resources and abundant products as well as prominent people.

Ten Areas Favorable for Overseas Investors
China State Commission of Economics and Trade declares that China encourages overseas investment in the following 10 areas

Learn about the China Injection Molding Machines Market
China is the largest producer of injection molding machines in the world, and in fact it ranked 1st in the world on both of yield and consumption. In the past few years, injection molding machine producers have got greatly improved on technology and management.

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